Useful Links

US Embassy in London
Details of the services offered by the US Embassy. These include American Citizen Services (passport and consular services), social security information and US immigration.

US Library of Congress
This site holds information regarding congressional legislation, congressional records, international treaties and presidential nominations.

US Internal Revenue Service
Visit this website for information about US Federal tax including tax forms, IRS publications, press releases and announcements.

US Department of the Treasury
The US Treasury website, which includes information about the economy as well as domestic and international financial markets.

UK HM Revenue & Customs
This UK website provides UK tax information for individuals, employees, employers, businesses and corporations.

UK Treasury
A UK website which includes information about UK legislation and consultations, Treasury publications, press releases and relevant speeches and UK economic data.

UK Budget Report 2018
Information on the most recent UK budget.

UK Charity Commission
Useful for information on the administration and affairs of UK charities.

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